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Below you’ll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about the Keyless Cloak – Relay Theft Protector.

What is relay theft and how does it work?

Relay theft occurs when two thieves with relay amplifying computer boxes can amplify the low frequency of your key fob to the door handle and keyless ignition start button on your vehicle. This causes the key to “wake up” and transmit the high frequency signal over a very long distance to the security system of the car tricking it into thinking the key is right beside the door handle. This allows the thieves to unlock and then start your vehicle and drive it away.

How does the Keyless Cloak help protect you against relay theft?

The Keyless Cloak – Key Fob Protector reduces the low frequency signal slightly to maintain the convenience of using your keyless fob while greatly reducing the high frequency signal from your key fob which can lock/unlock your car from a distance of greater than 200+ feet away. The Keyless Cloak will reduce your key’s RF signal down drastically depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The Keyless Cloak keeps the vehicle from unlocking or starting since it will not receive the double authentication of the high frequency signal that the thieves are trying to relay back to the security system to unlock the car.

How many Keyless Cloaks do I need to purchase?

You need to purchase a Keyless Cloak for each key fob that you have for your vehicle. (If you only protect one key, your spare key will still be emitting the full signal allowing thieves to steal it).

Is there anything I need to do once I receive my Keyless Cloak?

Yes, you will need to make sure that you have new batteries in each of your key fobs, which will allow the Keyless Cloak to work as intended for your make and model of car. If your batteries are weak, it will cause your vehicle to not lock/unlock or start while in the Keyless Cloak. If that occurs, then you need to install fresh batteries in your key fob.

What other features does the Keyless Cloak offer?

The Keyless Cloak – Car Theft Prevention Device can help protect your key fob from damage if you drop it. Relay Theft Protector is water resistant, and it has a convenient slot for your driver’s license and/or credit card. It should also increase the battery life of your key fob because when your key is in the pouch, it will not be “awakened” as much as if it wasn’t in the pouch.

How does the Keyless Cloak differ from other cheaper RFID 100% blocking Faraday pouches on the market?

The main difference between the Keyless Cloak and the products that block 100% of the radio frequency signal of your keyless fob is that with the Keyless Cloak, you are still reducing the signal enough so that the thieves can’t get your key signal, but you can maintain the convenience of using your keyless start system. With the other 100% blocking key holders, you lose all of the convenience because you have to take your key in and out of their pouch EVERY single time you want to lock/unlock/start/drive your vehicle. This becomes very inconvenient. The Keyless Cloak is a patent-pending product, and handmade in the USA.

Where should I store my keys in the Keyless Cloak at night?

It is a good idea to store your keys in the Keyless Cloak in an interior room of your home. Every wall that you put between your key fob and the outside will give you even more protection. You should never store your keys near a window or on a windowsill.

How can my car be driven without a key?

Once the relay theft has occurred and the car has been started, it can be driven away without the key until it runs out of gas or the thief shuts off the vehicle.  The vehicle will just alert you that the key is not detected in the car, but it will not shut off the engine.

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